Arcadia in the Metro Subway Underground Station of Slum City, c. 2007

Arcadia in the Metro Subway Underground Station of Slum City, c. 2007

You are welcome to this blog. It’s a blog about the Second Life artist and character known as Arcadia Asylum. In the human experience, we tell stories, we remember, & we record history. This blog will aim to do that through your recollections of her, your stories about her, and images of the work she did. Perhaps, it will serve as source material for someone who wants to write a book about her one day.

What makes her work so outstanding? What draws people to it? Why do so many call her among the best if not the best artist / builder to enter Second Life (SL)? In the comments of this blog post, maybe you could tell us why you think Arc, as she was known to her friends, is still such a phenomenon long after her famed Slum City was destroyed. We’ll save personal and anecdotal stories for other places; this is just about the visual nature of her work, it’s quality, and perhaps about it’s prolificity.

If you’re a seasoned blogger, and there are things you’d like to see in this blog, please IM me inworld. I’m known as Mally McGinnis. Alternatively, you can email me at mallymcginnis@spirit-of-arcadia.org. Please consider this a “PG” rated blog, and encourage your kids to read about an absolutely fabulous artist working in the 3D world without concern. Posts are moderated with that in mind, there will be no advertising on this blog, and no spam will slip through, either. You do not need to fill out any personal information like your email address to use this blog, but I encourage you to register with WordPress so you can use an avatar of your own choosing.

Unless otherwise noted, you can obtain any of the things you see photographed in this blog for free at the Arcadia Asylum Library and Museum which can be found inworld, HERE. The image above is part of an ongoing slide show of Slum City at the library.

To post to this blog, click “New Post” button in the gray bar at the top left of the page. To comment on a post that someone else already wrote,  click on the “No Comments”, or “1 Comments” (etc.) link at the very end of the post to reach the “Leave a Reply” box. Alternatively, you can comment on one of the Most Recent Posts at the top right. Please post your comments to one of those areas if you don’t want your comment to be buried. I can’t move a comment from one area to another, and leaving it on the front page will only allow a few people to read it for a brief time with ease.


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