The day of the Dandelion Picture – by Lunata Lupino

Lunata Lupino, who is on the left in the image below, sent this to me:

I remember that day very well. She was jumping around me, seeing i was in busymode, when she arrived Because I didnt react, she jumped like a ball around to get attention -) I just saw a jumping Dandelion and thought, whats that!!!???

(Don’t we all know, when building we dont look around and never in the chat?)

Because she wanted to give me some new textures, she was suddenly wearing this ring, to find inside the name of the file. When you dont have acess to rez, its a funny way to analyse files i thought and made a screenshot because our situation was so ridiculus.

Pity, if i would have known, she leaves without saying goodbye, i would have taken more screens of her. Seems I felt too secure having a longtimefriend with Arcadia. And i must say i am really worried about her leaving with no message. Was not her style to make others worried, she had strong principles.

The region i took that picture was the project of SL Relay for life 2007, Our team made those SIMs with the theme ‘Lord Of The Rings’, where i made the complete gardening. Arcadia just came there to visit me during my work and she explored with me the new environment, to see what we had done there.

This was the story of my picture you published


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