A Conversation between Daggy Zhukovsky & Orhalla Zander

These remembrances of Arcadia were given to me by Dagmon. Orhalla agreed for them to be used by the library, of which this blog is the codified extension. It took place on 7/31/08.

[17:51] Orhalla Zander: hope you’re feelin well
[17:51] Dagmon Zhukovsky: am indeed sir.. yourself ?
[17:51] Orhalla Zander: Yeah, I’m doin fair.
[18:02] Dagmon Zhukovsky: i remeber the very first time i ever laid eyes on her.
[18:02] Dagmon Zhukovsky: let me tell u the short story
[18:02] Orhalla Zander: I’d love to hear it
[18:02] Dagmon Zhukovsky: i was just starting to build hoto.
[18:02] Dagmon Zhukovsky: i mean i had 3 road prims laid down.
[18:02] Dagmon Zhukovsky: and there was this jack ass neighbor that we had.
[18:02] Dagmon Zhukovsky: his place was poo.
[18:03] Dagmon Zhukovsky: a casino too !
[18:03] Dagmon Zhukovsky: so .. me and lindsey were talkin.
[18:03] Dagmon Zhukovsky: and i said…. you know what this place needs ??? trash !
[18:03] Dagmon Zhukovsky: and she said…. just a sec… let me tp someone.
[18:04] Dagmon Zhukovsky: this little rat comes rolling up on roller blades. and I said.. hey.. linds said you might have some garbage for me.
[18:04] Dagmon Zhukovsky: she said ” D D :D”
[18:04] Dagmon Zhukovsky: and in 30 seconds had a whole dump in the back yard.
[18:04] Dagmon Zhukovsky: trash.. burning tires.. roaches.. the works.
[18:05] Dagmon Zhukovsky: the casino guy moved out less than 2 hours later…. and at that point…. arc was already a long time friend… and I told her the sim was hers… she started the sewers that very night….
[18:06] Dagmon Zhukovsky: and ive loved her ever since…
[18:06] Orhalla Zander: ) It’s nice to hear stories about arc
[18:06] Dagmon Zhukovsky: bet the whole time we nknew each other we didnt even say 100 words… but we hung out together every night for about 4 months
[18:07] Orhalla Zander: I spoke to arc quite often
[18:07] Orhalla Zander: Not sure if you want to hear the story how i met arc.
[18:07] Dagmon Zhukovsky: of course
[18:08] Orhalla Zander: Well, one day while hanging out or managing the hobo railroad… someone mentioned there was this little girl walkin along the train tracks back and forth from afar in calleta
[18:08] Orhalla Zander: I went over to say hi, and at first she was shy…. she didn’t have the rat ears or tail at the time
[18:08] Orhalla Zander: it was arcadia and i welcomed her to come to the hobo railroad, and she said she was unsure b/c she had seen griefers there
[18:09] Orhalla Zander: I assured her that it wasn’t the hobos that hang out there, that… we get attacked from time to time for being an info hub
[18:09] Orhalla Zander: i set her up with her own homeless box, and she started to place a light next to it…. she said if she went to sleep she needs a light b/c she’s affraid of the dark
[18:10] Orhalla Zander: so i set up a lantren for her
[18:10] Orhalla Zander: and from that point on, i got t know her more often, and even showed her how to torture prims before she went on her building fest
[18:10] Orhalla Zander: we talked a lot, and i asked how did she come to find the hobo railroad
[18:11] Orhalla Zander: she said it’s actually what inspired her to come to sl… she was web searching vr’s and saw calleta in a photo, and she always liked the hobo theme
[18:11] Dagmon Zhukovsky: ohhhhhh
[18:12] Orhalla Zander: so knowin i had a hand in her decision to join sl, i wish i could of had a hand to encourage her to stay, which i did try
[18:14] Orhalla Zander: I’m not big on RP, but she would call me Pah too
[18:14] Dagmon Zhukovsky: tell her i love her and because of her I learned how to actually make textures for my self rather than steal them from video games… and if she doesnt want to join sl again;… tell me what vr she is at.. so i can come there instead
[18:15] Orhalla Zander: I would say i was her unofficial father, it wasn’t proven yet
[18:15] Dagmon Zhukovsky: awwww
[18:17] Dagmon Zhukovsky: what a sweet story.
[18:17] Dagmon Zhukovsky: can i post it at the arc museum ?
[18:17] Dagmon Zhukovsky: D
[18:18] Orhalla Zander: sure


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