How did you find Arc’s work the first time?

Hobo Boots - November 7, 2006

Hobo Boots - November 7, 2006

I don’t remember where I was, it was at a freebie shop somewhere during my early weeks in SL, but I ran across a box full of hobo stuff. It contained the bicycle, backpack, boots, and a number of other things. I put them in a directory of their own, but didn’t know enough to look for the creator’s name yet. As time went by, I found more and more similar objects at freebie shops; the blimp, clothes, and other fantastic objects, and I discovered her name as creator. I began sorting things, searching in various ways for her things, and it became a quest, an obsession, to find all I could find. I joined Sylvia Sonoda’s Arcadia Asylum Recovery Group and became semi active. Eventually, I found about 250 objects, and in April of 2008, started the Arcadia Asylum Library. So far, another 200 pieces have been donated, and are all available for free, and almost all of them have full perms. How did you find her work?


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