Telling and retelling stories are part of the human experience.

Arc wearing student's crown of dafodils; a demonstration in no build area - c. 2007

Arc wearing Lunata Lupino's dandelions; discussing at SL-Relay for life project - 2007

Since opening the Arcadia Asylum Library and Museum in early April, 2008, I’ve heard a lot of stories about Arcadia, almost all of them positive. If you knew her, what were some of your recollections of Arc? Many have said that she was the consummate mentor, the ever patient teacher. Is there an experience that stands out in your mind that illustrates that? When I was growing up, my grandfather was the person from whom I learned the most, and there are things that I do now that I learned from him that remind me of him. What did you learn from her that reminds you of her in that way?


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