Memories and feelings of times past can’t ever be taken away.

Slum City Underground Sewer - c. 2007

Slum City Underground Sewer - c. 2007

Arc created things that evoked pleasure for a lot of people. She built a sim called Slum City that was both enjoyable for those involved with her in the building, and the many visitors who were fortunate enough to experience it. Much of Slum City was in the sewer system underground through which people could roam and wander, reading the seemingly endless bits of graffiti, posters, and other things on which she could express her wit. The Modular Sewer System, Available in the Library, contains many of the blocks of the sewer system.

Of all the memories of Arc and of Slum City, what stands out most strongly for you? Since feelings can’t be separated from memory, how did the destruction of Slum City affect you? And, when you heard the news several months later that she left SL for good, what did you feel? Dates to these events are welcome, even if only approximate.


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