Arcadia will probably best be known for her builds.

Betsy Pristing - February 6, 2007

Betsy Pristine - February 6, 2007

Her building & texturing skills have been called phenomenal, stunning, prolific, quirky, detailed, varied, extremely well crafted, and have been given other such accolades, yet they have always remained free of charge at her insistence. One of the reasons I have heard that she left is her anger over the fact that some of her objects appearing in boxes of things other people are selling.

If you knew and worked with her, do you think some of her builds were more important than others? Whether you did or didn’t, what are your favorite builds? There are a few builds that only one copy is known with no-copy permissions on it or some part of it. At what cost should that be build be saved? Do you think she’d build under the free and open source model again?


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